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Anonymous asked:
same person: He's only a sophomore, so he can't ask her yet. I would want to ask him as friends, just because I'm not sure how he would react to me asking him. I could possibly like him as more than a friend, but not if he is into someone else.

Well i would still ask him to prom then as friends! I mean why not? Worst thing that could happen is he says no. And who knows, if you guys do end up going together to prom you may find that you may like each other on a “more than friends” level. 

Anonymous asked:
person from last question: He doesn't really do any of those things. I'm on the golf team with him and this girl that I think he's into and they rarely talk. I don't know how they interact in class tho. I don't know how much they text and all that stuff, but I heard him a couple of weeks ago when some guy said that he had picked a cute one? I'm pretty sure that that means he likes her. Idk I wanted to ask him to prom as friends, but not if he's interested in someone else.

Oh. Well why don’t you ask around about him? Do you think he’ll actually ask this girl to prom even though they don’t really talk? He may have a small crush on her… but if they don’t even talk, then they probably won’t have as much fun together than if you guys went! I never understand how people like other people when they’ve never really gotten to know the person yet… you only like him as a friend though?

Anonymous asked:
How can I tell if the guy I like, likes another girl?

He’ll give her attention.. tries to please or impress her. Or you may catch him staring/glancing at her often. Or if they’re friends he’ll try to hang out with her often, text/talk to her, etc. If not, he may ask around about her or you may hear him talk about her.

Anonymous asked:
I'm the person from the last answered question. Yeah I'm attracted to him, but I'm shy too hahaha. It's really hard for me to go up to someone I've never had a real conversation with and try and start one. Any way, yesterday I was walking by him and a few of his friends on the way to class and I heard one of them say, "is that the girl you like?" I could be reading too much into the situation and he might not have even been talking about me.

Talk to himmmm! what’s the worst that could happen? You should get to know him though before anything, and vice versa. Like how would he know that he actually likes you if you guys have never talked / hung out / gotten to really know each other? Only then, can you say that you truly like someone. Maybe the person meant to ask if you’re the girl he’s interested in. If you don’t do anything, and he doesn’t either, then things probably wont happen between you two. Give it a shot, take a chance. Say hi and ask something simple like how he’s doing.

Anonymous asked:
There's this guy at school that I don't really know, but I see him around EVERYWHERE. He's said hi or hello to me twice and we make eye contact a lot, when I have to walk by him he walks right by me and my friend thinks that it means that he's attracted to me, but I was wondering what you thought.

Hmm that’s weird! It could or could not be anything at all and you may be over analyzing the situation. But are you attracted to him? I would try to talk to him if you’re interested, maybe he’s shy. He obviously has noticed you if you guys make eye contact often and he’s said hi a few times, I would try to talk to him, why not and give it a try :)

nanikim0120 asked:
About six years ago, I dated this one guy for only 3 months. Ever since we broke up, things got a little weird. Back in freshmen year, he used to "spy" on me. Then after that school year, he began to date other girls. After every girl, he would once in a while talk (or "flirt") with me. Then after flirting with me, he would go out with another girl. Now I'm wondering - What do you think his nonverbal communication means to you?

I think he may flirt with you to see if you still have feelings for him or if there’s a possibility that you guys could date again. Or he could just be a flirt, six years is a long time.. and you may be over analyzing his signs. If I were you I would confront him about it and just be like “hey I don’t know what’s going on here but what do you want from me.” Does he date a lot of girls? He may be ”checking up” on you or “flirting/talking” with you to see where things are at.. to see if things have changed. But he sounds like he has girlfriends often so I would take that into consideration. 

Anonymous asked:
The other day me and my friend were waiting at the chinese takeaway and we saw this our friend from across the street he came over and said hi and he started walking with us. I was shivering and he asked me if I wanted his jacket but I declined but he insisted so I gave in and he helped me put it on. Do you think he likes me or was he just being nice?

Aw that’s cute! :) He may just be a gentleman but idk man, that could also mean he has some feelings toward you! Ask to hang out  :)

Anonymous asked:
I am so sad rn, so last night I went out w/ a couple of my friends and I don't even know how but all of the sudden these guys were talking to them and stuff, and I pretty much ended up hanging out w/ myself because they were talking to the guys. It just makes me feel sad because I was written off by both my friends and the guys. I don't know I just feel like I'm the ugly one of the three and they bring me around because they know it and there won't be any competition or something.

I bet that’s not true! I’m really sorry you feel that way though, I think everyone feels like that sometimes. Ya know? I can admit I’ve definitely thought that before, that I’m the “ugly” one out of the group. But it took me a while to realize that’s not true. They may have talked to your friends more because you didn’t come off as outgoing as they did, or maybe you sent off an annoyed or “don’t talk to me” vibe to them. Whatever it was, it’s not your fault. If this happens often, try to be more outgoing. Or see if you come off in a certain way, like your friends, see if guys will talk to you in another situation. I’m sure it was just a sucky situation though, remember it happens to all of us. Xo

Anonymous asked:
ok so it turns out that i was completely wrong (the person from the last post) cause the guy wont stop talking to me now. like its so annoying he texts me like 4 different times throughout the day, snapchats me, messages me of fb, etc. and it's like dude calm down. he's so freaking attached. and then right now he asked my opinion on dating and I've known him for four days so I kinda let into him a little bit. ugh i feel really bad but he's super clingy and i don't know what to do.

Sounds like you got more than you wanted from this guy.. Well if I were you I would just see where things go, try not to respond to him as much as he gets a hold of you otherwise you’ll live him the wrong message. If your still interested in the guy I would wait till your date on Saturday with him. The best thing you can probably do is confront him about being so sudden and that you want to go slow since you just met him. Hops this works! xo

Anonymous asked:
On Saturday night I was iceskating and this guy came up to me and we skated for a while and then he asked for my number so I gave it to him. He texted me super quickly and was saying all of this cute stuff and then the next day he called me because i prefer calling and we talked on the phone for like 4 hours. We were planning to go to the movies this saturday and stuff. When I was texting him today he seemed really distant and was giving me one word replies and mhm alot and i dont know why. ugh

Aw I’m sorry :( That sucks when a guy sends signals like he’s really interested and then suddenly doesn’t seem like it anymore. You should keep talking to see him and see where things go, if he gets more lively or if he still gives you one word responses.. He may have been busy though, I wouldn’t over think it. If he continues to be like this, you can either see him Saturday or ask if he’s not interested to see a movie anymore because of his one word responses. Hope things go well! xo